Dangers of cigars when you smoke it

Dangers of cigars when you smoke it

For cigar aficionados, it is the best tasting thing on Earth. When cigar becomes an addiction, and generally it does, there could also be the spring of its negative effects. These effects may come as just simple bad breath but it could also be as big or malignant as cancer. Yes, this must really alarm you a little for having lung problems or any health problems for that matter would be a big blow to your life and it must be responded to as early as possible for it may even worsen.

This article is not here to plant dynamites in you but to remind you that you have to take care of your health, for your health is but very important and it has to be taken good care of for it would decide that big portion of how you live your life.

There are health problems that could be caused by cigar smoking:

* Oral cancer
– This sickness is of course would really affect you big time. This could lead you to the difficulty of eating. This disorder could also affect the mouth, throat, lips and also your tongue. These are necessary parts of your body and there are really effects that may affect you that bad.

* Esophageal Cancer
– Studies show that those smokers have really high risks of leaving their esophagus at its worst.
– There is this study that tells us how the gap is so big when it comes to the possibility of cancer in the esophagus for those who are smokers. As you increase the number of sticks that you are also increasing the risk of having these health disorders.

* Lung cancer
– This would be more possible especially if you inhale the cigar smoke more. It must be noted by cigar smokers that they must not inhale smoke for it would surely cause a lot of health disorders involving the lungs.

* Cancer of the pancreas or cancer of the bladder
– Both of these are also possibly going to be achieved if one smokes cigar a lot. The more you smoke, the more you push yourself to the health risks.

Smoking could really be soothing or relaxing especially when one is so stressed out but you have to see to it that you are cautious of how you smoke for it would lead to your own problems concerning health as well.

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