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Why I Like The Ads I Hate!

by barneypetrus

Why I like The Ads I Hate!

It’s been said that the antidote to liking/loving is not hating, but indifference. So, when an ad makes you angry or disgusted or evokes any other strong emotion, it has done it’s job.
That is what advertising is supposed to do! Isn’t it?
There is an advertisement currently running on T.V. that makes me so disgusted that I spent quite a few minutes last night, discussing it with my sister,
The ad is for a well known brand of toothpaste that is being recommended for people with sensitive teeth. Nothing wrong so far. There are plenty of people with sensitive teeth and I have no personal knowledge of the truthfullness of the claims made by the manufacturer.
My objection is to the presentation of this product. There is a beautiful women, dressed only in camisole and under wear parading around as she touts the benefits of using this product. There is nothing wrong with that either, and I am no prude But what is the connection? Do you have to be beautiful, female and barely dressed to benefit from this toothpaste?
I am sure the manufacturer would not want to limit his market to that niche only. What a waste of his advertising money? It is getting harder and harder to get your message noticed, with so many other products vying for the same market shares that you’re after.
Why get that consumer’s attention, only to then turn them off or away, with an inappropriate advertisement?
So, I like this ad because it certainly demonstrates that advertising gets you noticed and talked about.
It is up to you. however, to target your market appropriately and benefit from your hard won exposure.
P.S. By the way my sister hates the ad, too!

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